How do I do it?​

For those who want a good experience and are only looking to rent a bicycle, you only have to choose your favorite and follow the steps in the “rental” section.

But for those looking for an unforgettable experience, here are the steps to follow to make it a reality.


Explore the routes we recommend

We feel a great responsibility from the moment you decide to choose us, responsibility for being able to transmit cycling values.


Discover all our services to make the most of your adventure

Visit our services section and find all the complementary services that we offer to get
the most out of your adventure.
These services will be added during the configuration of your bike.


Choose the bike you want and the one that best suits your needs

Access the rental section, where you will find the wide variety of models and modalities that we offer.
If you are not sure, next to each model you have a description of its strengths.


Set up your bike and check its availability

Select your size, quantity and accessories among all the configuration possibilities including
here the complementary services you want. Then select the date of the reservation and check its
availability, if there is not, you will have to change the dates or the bicycle model.


In the cart, enter your contact and payment information, and enjoy!

First of all, check that your selected products are correct, enter your data for the
contact and payment, sign the rental document and if you wish, fill out the form for your personalized route
so we can prepare an unforgettable adventure for you.
If you have selected any complementary service or the personalized route, we will contact you
with you to organize everything correctly.

Do you need more info?

If you still have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

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